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  • Vedacare Ayurveda is a gateway to holistic health. We provide unique health solutions for health problems. We treat symptomatically and holistically to prevent recurrence of health problems. At clinic we provide medicine along with diet and life style modifications to cure a patient’s problem.
  • Vaidya.Harshal Nemade, who has had more than 16 years of experience practicing Ayurveda, looks deep into every patient’s history to figure out the root cause of the illness. This unique method of taking patient’s individual history and records, helps to develop a holistic treatment for each and every patients.
  • Vedacare Ayurveda’s approach towards treatment is backed by ayurveda granths, clinical research and some of the latest developments in Ayurveda.
  • Clinic offers authentic ayurvedic treatments to all chronic diseases. It is well equipped with quintessential infrastructure and hygienic facility. Vaidya.Harshal Nemade has a degree of Ayurvedacharya from Nashik University and MD (Alternative Medicine) from Mumbai University and ADYA (Advanced Diploma in Yog Ayurveda) from Tilak Maharashtra University,Pune.
  • Vedacare Ayurveda clinic enjoys professional reputation for its medical support and contribution to society through years of dedication, devotion and sought after disease diagnosis and treatment. He is famous for his command on pulse diagnosis a rare ability.
  • His area of interest and expertise are Digestive Disorders, Child Diseases, Skin Problems, Hair Problems, Gynecological Disorders, and Chronic Orthopedic Diseases, Male and Female Infertility.
  • Vaidya.Harshal Nemade continues his pursuit of social responsibility and making Ayurveda affordable and trustworthy as one of finest medical forms of treatments.
  • In addition to his medical practice he also conducts yoga lectures, social ayurvedic health camps.
  • A modern day clinic facility supported by well trained professional medical staff offers all ayurvedic treatments under one roof. Out-door Patients, Panchakarma Treatments, Aushadhi (medicines) Nirman, Garbha Sanskar, Research Center, Diet / Lifestyle Management etc.

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Office No-1, First Floor, Sahil Apartment, Opp Jaihind, Parihar Chowk, ITI Road, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra-411007

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